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as guarantor understand that the lease agreement for the above noted apartment to be occupied by
is a joint agreement and understand that Olympus Properties is not in a position to determine individual responsibility.
This guarantee is for the full amount of rent, cleaning charges, or damage assessments in such amounts as are incurred by the Tenant(s) and/or his/her guests under the terms of this agreement. This can include rent through to the end of the lease if the Tenant fails to perform all conditions of the lease. All guarantors of the property have the same responsibility for the full payment, not a pro-rated share. I understand that as co-signer this agreement will remain in force throughout the entire term of the tenancy even if the tenancy is extended, renewed or changes in its terms. I certify all statements on this form are true and accurate and understand that a credit check may be done based upon this information. By submitting this form, I understand that as guarantor, I will be directly responsible for paying all costs, if overdue, incurred by this individual.

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